Back To The Fitrah Inner Circle

Become a resilience, confident, patient and calm Muslim with a strong connection to Allah with weekly support sessions

Back To The Fitrah Certification

A deep dive into the Inside Our Paradigm, learning how to teach, mentor and coach others using this understanding.

Back To The Fitrah Professionals

Membership for certified Back To The Fitrah educators and coaches for on going professional development and support.

Peaceful Parenting Secrets For Muslims

A compilation of Kathryn's parenting and Adult/Child relationship tips

Teaching with Taqwa Tarbiyyah & Tawakkul

Teach with confidence, compassion and calm and have a captivating and creative classroom

A to Z Emotional Transformation

A to Z Emotional Transformation

Peaceful Hearts Program in URDU

In the remembrance of Allah to hearts find rest. The Islamic approach to emotional and spiritual resilience.

Back To The Fitrah For Kids (10-13)

Connecting our young Muslims to the verse "In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest."

Behaviour Management Mini Course

From the perspective of behaviour as the symptom rather than the problem

Student Behaviour & Wellbeing Approach

A School Community Approach To Healthy Relationships & Student Engagement For Optimal Academic Results

Addiction in the Muslim World

Addiction in the Muslim World

Parenting the Prophet’s Way Summit

Parenting the Prophet’s Way Summit

WeRallOK Conference 2021

There's always Hope

Back To The Fitrah Conference 2020

Discover Your Innate Emotional & Spiritual Resilience for a life of Confidence, Compassion and Calm

Sessions with Professor Mohamad Abdalla

In-depth discussion on issues that are of significance to converts

19 Days Covid-19 Video Series

The Islamic Approach to Tribulations

Master Your Emotions in 28 Days

A daily dose of psychological remedy for emotional health and wellbeing

Embrace The Leader Within

Guiding Muslim women to take the lead in their life rather than have life lead them.

TWS 2019 Worshippers Series

The Worshippers Series

MFS-2019 VIP Access

ME First Legacy 2019 VIP Access