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Discover Your Innate Emotional & Spiritual Resilience for a life of Confidence, Compassion and Calm

  • Saturday, 25 July 2020

  • Sunday, 26 July 2020


The Back To The Fitrah Annual Online Conference has been established to invite our Muslim Ummah to an understanding of human experience that leads to a closer connection with Allah, more loving and compassionate relationships with others and a sense of confidence, patience and inner calm despite the tests of this Dunyah. 

You can expect to be blown away by the simplicity of our message, yet the profound and life changing stories that will be shared through out this conference. It is a must for every Muslim on the globe!


And best of all, attending live is FREE!

What you will discover at this life changing & inspiring conference:

  • Where hearts find rest!

    Understand the true nature of the verse, "Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!" 13:28 and begin your journey to effortless patience and inner Salam. 

  • Healthy Relationships

    Be happy without changing another soul, no need to throw away toxic people, parent like a pro and be your true, authentic & confident self in all your important relationships.

  • Personal Growth

    Master your emotions, overcome anxiety and panic by discovering the illusion that has held you back from having the life you truly deserve.

  • Shed the past for good!

    Whether it is divorce, domestic abuse, sexual abuse as a child, addiction, neglect, death of a loved one ... you can have a happy life and not be held back by your past.

  • Help end oppression

    We are surrounded by racism, Islamophobia, abuse, discrimination and many other forms of oppression. Allah has forbidden it upon Himself first, then us. You can be a part of the solution as a leader, parent or teacher in our Ummah and we'll share with you the secret how.

  • And so much more ...

    Through the talks, interviews and panel discussions with Back To The Fitrah Mentors and Coaches.


Kathryn Jones
Head Coach and Founder

Kathryn’s mission is to make a difference in the Muslim world by empowering Muslim adults and children to realise their potential through learning about the innate resilience and mental health that all human beings possess. She goes to the source of the misunderstandings that prevent people from recognising their in-built well-being (their Fitrah).

She is the founder of the Back To The Fitrah Academy, dedicated to the development of certified facilitators and mentors of the Back To The Fitrah suite of programs across the globe.


Kathryn’s combination of formal and informal education along with personal and professional experience have given her a unique perspective and approach to the topic of emotional & spiritual resilience.


Back To The Fitrah Certified Mentors and Coaches

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Interviews with this year's Back To The Fitrah Certification students


– Sydney, Australia

Topic: Calmly & Compassionately Dealing with Difficult (Even Racist) People


– California, USA

Topic: Communicating Confidently With Friends and Family.


– Maryland, USA

Topic: The New Way I See My Divorce.


– Nigeria

Topic: Invisible Encroachers of Self Confidence.


– Perth, Australia

Topic: Separate Realities & How It Impacts Our Relationships.


– Nigeria

Topic: The Solution To Muslim Youth Losing Track of Life.


– Nigeria

Topic: The Inside Out Paradigm Shift.


– Melbourne, Australia

Topic: Child Development & Emotional Wellbeing.


Riding The Emotional Rollercoaster

Taking it as it comes and going with the flow. How to navigate big emotions without losing it at loved ones.

With Amy Ali, USA

Step Up & Speak Out

Advocating for ourselves, our families and beyond with confidence and composure.

With Daniela Carbone, Australia

Being 'Good Enough'

How to be 'raw-somely' authentic and love you for being you.

With Pamela Torney, Australia

Navigating the Testing Tween & Teen Years

How to stay sane and not lose it at your child/ young adult even when they appear to have morphed into a strange, unrecognisable creature.

With Romy Ramos, Australia

The Alternative to Dumping Toxic People

Busting the myth that the only way forward when you have a difficult person in your life is to avoid them. How you can experience your relationship with them in a positive way without them ever changing.

With Pia Antico, Australia

Actually, Divorce Can Be a New Beginning

Beyond the drama, grief and insecurities of divorce is a new life, one filled with purpose and passion, and you can learn how ...

With Rayesa Gheewala, USA

Classroom Management From a Place of Understanding

Discover why rewards and consequences just isn't working and what you can do differently to inspire students to show up with Ihsan.

With Kathryn Jones, Australia

Life Beyond Panic Attacks

How you can regain the confidence to step out and experience life without the fear and anxiety that has been your prison for so long.

With Melissa Frost-Ford, Canada

It is More Than Just Money

How financial pressures affect our relationships and the subtle shifts in thinking that help us see that it really isn't the money that is the issue.

With Maryline David, UK

Preserving the Fitrah of Students Through the School Years

Teaching about our innate wellbeing and how the mind works in schools to set students up for academic and life long success, in sha Allah.

With Janine Hood, Australia

Being True To You

Discover the path to becoming your authentic self and fulfilling your purpose and potential in life.

With Calisha Bennett, Australia

You Are NOT Your Past

How you can move forward in your life after domestic abuse, child sexual abuse or other traumatic experiences.

With Kathryn Jones, Australia


Panel discussions by those who have experienced, overcome & supported others to emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

Ending Domestic Abuse

Unpacking what domestic abuse is, the causes, the implications and the solutions. Without healthy families we will not have a healthy Ummah!

Life Beyond Child Sexual Abuse

The unspoken, yet prevalent issue of child sexual abuse within the Muslim Ummah. A discussion to bring hope to those who have been affected by it.

Dealing With Addiction

Alcohol, drugs, porn, technology, sugar ... the list continues ... addiction is real and it destroys lives. There is a way out, and it is possible for anyone!


Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!

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