I Embraced Islam ... Now What?

Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing For Convert Muslims

Emotional & Spiritual Support For Convert Muslims

The excitement of that moment when you said the Shahadah has passed. No one is excited anymore about the huge life step you took. It's just you and all the rules you have to learn, the Arabic you have to get your tongue around to pray and an uncertain future.


Sure, you know this was the right choice for you, but you feel a little disillusioned. Not really a part of the Muslim community because they are all speaking in foreign tongues and telling you about all the things you are getting wrong. Not really part of your old world either. You are still the same person, but no one sees you that way anymore. They don't quite know how to be around you comfortably.


Perhaps it's been years already since you chose this beautiful way of life. Perhaps you are even married with kids. Perhaps it really isn't at all what you expected.


OR perhaps it is, and you are so grateful for being a Muslim, but for whatever reason you just don't feel at peace.


It doesn't matter how long you have been a Muslim, what your state of Eeman (faith) is, we are here to support you. In this space you will be supported by certified Back To The Fitrah mentors who are also converts themselves.


No judgment

No criticism


Our focus is on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. How connected you feel to Allah and how confident and resilient you feel in general.


You have been tested and you will continue to be tested by Allah, we are here to stand with you through those tests so you don't have to go it alone!

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