Embrace The Leader Within

My dear Muslim sister!

You are amazing. You're an amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, student, entrepreneur ...

You've given so much of yourself to the people around you. You're hard working ... devoted ... loving ...

And yet, do you sometimes feel like the world is trying to tell you what to do? Like you have to live according to everybody else's plan for you? Maybe you're not even sure what's wrong ... but you know deep down you want MORE?

MORE connection in your relationships. MORE respect from your children. MORE say in the community. STRONGER Eeman (closeness to Allah). And to live your life with Ishan (with excellence).

You can have it all when you embrace the leader within.

When you give yourself permission to be a truly brilliant, beautiful and powerful leader in your life.

Step up and embrace the leader within and discover:

  • Fearless confidence
  • Inner peace
  • Effortless patience
  • And real resilience

It is possible for anyone, even you!


"Asalamu 'alikum and thank you for providing me with the opportunity to review your amazing book.

"I found your story fascinating, to say the least. You have gone through so much but came out a very strong, resilient and insightful person.

"This is an exceptional account of your amazing story infused wonderfully in an Islamic perspective, for the benefit of many women (and men indeed).

"I wish you the very best, and pray that Allah Ta'ala place His Baraka in this work and make it the means of guidance for others, and reward you tremendously for your hard work."


Professor Mohamad Abdalla
Director, Centre for Islamic Thought and Education
University of South Australia

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