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Kathryn Jones.

White Aussie Convert Muslim

In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest ... this famous verse of the Qur'an sums up my life's work completely. The answer to ending abuse and oppression in the Muslim world is building emotional and spiritual resilience in each individual. When all the hearts are at rest, then we will have unity and harmony, Allah willing!

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I teach and mentor Muslims to understand their human experience from an Islamic perspective so they can embrace life with confidence, compassion and inner calm.

After 13 years in the IT industry I moved to teaching and accidentally became a social entrepreneur in the process. It was during the time I taught in schools that I saw the challenges teachers were having with managing students off track behaviour. I decided at that time that perhaps my energy was better spent working with parents to help them get their children on track so that teachers would have an easier time teaching them at school. What started as a few online parenting classes has evolved into a global movement to build emotional and spiritual resilience across the Muslim world.

Back To The Fitrah Mentoring Academy

Naked Happiness: The Secret to Stripping Down to Your Innate Emotional & Spiritual Resilience

Step Up: Embrace The Leader Within

Bringing all the hearts within a school to a state of peace through the remembrance of Allah, so the collective heart of the school is sound.


This is a school community approach to the behaviour and wellbeing of students encompassing the educating and mentoring of teachers, parents and students.


If we nurture the innate resilience that each child is born with (their Fitrah) then we will increase the wisdom, compassion and strong leadership in the next generation so they can do a better job than we did. Allah willing.

The    Journey  

As I reflect, I see the journey Allah has taken me on to prepare me for this work. He has given me exactly the tests and experiences I needed to understand the importance of this work and be able to see the struggles and challenges of others with compassion and understanding. I am truly blessed to have been given such a purpose. Praise be to Allah.

  • October 1995

    I embraced Islam and began my journey as a Muslim.

  • July 2014

    Peaceful Parenting began as a few online classes for Muslim mothers.

  • February 2018

    Step Up: Embrace The Leader Within was published

  • August 2018

    Back To The Fitrah Mentoring Academy began with the first group of 10 certification students.

  • July 2020

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