Keynote & Motivational Speaker


Corporate  Seminars  

Unique experience of working in corporate Australia as a white Aussie who then dons the Hijab and experiences being part of a minority group.

Kathryn is passionate about making a difference in the acceptance and inclusion of minority groups in Australia.


She has experienced the difference of being a part of the white majority and then crossing to the 'other side' when she embraced Islam and began to wear the Hijab while working in senior management in the IT industry. She is able to articulate well how minority groups in Australia experience challenges and discrimination sometimes in the most subtle of ways.


Inspiring   Women  

Encouraging Muslim women to step up and embrace the leader within them.

Muslim women are experiencing many levels of oppression.  Kathryn's understanding of this topic, knowledge of psychology and Islam provide an engaging and thoughtful approach to inspiring Muslim women with a hopeful view of the future. Covering topics such as parenting, difficult relationships, domestic abuse, child abuse, discrimination, depression and many more of the areas where Muslim women are struggling, she is able to share the possibility & hope for everyone to reconnect with their innate emotional resilience.

Community  Events  

Kathryn has been involved in facilitating workshops and teaching programs both online and offline in her local community for the last 14 years.

Mosque Open Days

Kathryn's humorous and unapologetic style connects well with the Australian audience as she tackles the misconceptions and curly questions about Women in Islam.


School Group Mosque Tours

Kathryn's experience as a classroom teacher means she delivers a fun and engaging tour for students of all ages. Her approachable and friendly style puts the students at ease and gives them the space and confidence to ask questions without reservation. She loves the opportunity to share the truth of Islam with both primary and secondary aged children.



The best learning is done when you are having fun! 

Kathryn has an experiential style of delivery, engaging her audience through activity. She believes that the more we involve all our senses in learning, the more that our lives are transformed by what we are learning. She has a talent for weaving the Islamic lessons in fun and thought provoking activities.

Workshops in 


Multi-faith, values, identity & resilience!

Presenting workshops in schools with the Abraham Institute to challenge the thinking of Australian youth through activities and discussion around differences & similarities of values, experiences and needs of diverse cultures and religions. Facilitating programs for emotional & spiritual resilience for Muslim students in our Islamic schools and within the community.

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