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Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart, Happy Life

(10-13 year olds)


Connecting our young Muslims to the verse: 

"In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest."

  • Are you worried your child will be led astray? 

  • Do you want them to realise the resilience they have within themselves?

  • Is it important to you that your child becomes a good Muslim?

In this life-changing, Eeman-building program, we will, insha Allah, inspire your child to:

  • Have deeper connection with Allah and the Qu’ran

  • Make choices that are pleasing to Allah

  • Become a confident, compassionate and resilient member of their family and community

Here's what some of the kids have to say about what they learnt ...

  • Week 1

    Discovering their internal guidance system, the way they experience Allah guiding them and their innate wisdom that grows with them as they grow.

  • Week 3

    Reflection on how their thoughts contribute to having sharing and caring relationships and a positive experience of their life.

  • Week 5

    The best ship is friendship. Discovering how to make healthy decisions that lead to having healthy and positive relationships.

  • Week 7

    The learning continues. Understanding that they will sometimes follow others into negative thoughts and how they can rely on their connection with Allah to find their way back.

  • Week 2

    Where do feelings come from? Exploring how they experience life through the gift of thought and the choice they have in how they use it.

  • Week 4

    Riding the emotional roller coaster, building awareness of emotions and how this impacts their own well-being and of others around them.

  • Week 6

    The difference that insight makes, learning to trust who they are and the wisdom they have through their connection with Allah.

  • Week 8

    Knowing myself is knowing Allah. Connecting all that they have learnt about themselves and their emotions to have a closer connection with Allah, relying upon Him and listening to how He is guiding them.

Yes, I want my child to attend ...

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An 8 week life-changing program for 10-13 year olds!

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Any questions, please Whatsapp Kathryn on +61 426 751 374

Live in Adelaide

$50 USD ​(Reduced from $100)


Tuesdays 5.30-6.30pm

Starting 26th October

in West Richmond


Exact address details will be provided after registration.

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$50 USD is about $70 AUD

Live Online

$50 USD ​(Reduced from $100)


Timings suitable for homeschoolers in Australia and preteens in the USA


Starting 26/27th October




8am Perth, 10am Brisbane, 10.30am Adelaide, 11am Syd/Melb




4pm PT, 6pm CT & 7pm ET

(note that times will be 1 hour earlier when USA DLS ends on Nov 7th)


Use coupon code LAUNCH2021

$50 USD is about $70 AUD

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