CEO & Founder of Back To The Fitrah Mentoring Academy

Kathryn’s mission is to make a difference in the Muslim world by empowering Muslim adults and children to realise their potential through learning about the innate resilience and mental health that all human beings possess. She goes to the source of the misunderstandings that prevent people from recognising their in-built well-being (their Fitrah).


She is the founder of the Back To The Fitrah Mentoring Academy, dedicated to the development of certified mentors and facilitators of the Back To The Fitrah suite of programs across the globe.


She is currently a student of Islamic Pedagogy at the University of South Australia and is passionate about the renewal of our Islamic Pedagogical Principles in our Islamic schooling systems globally. She works with schools, teachers and students to establish that Taqwa ( consciousness of Allah), Tarbiyyah (nurturing of souls) and Tawakkul (trusting and accepting everything is in Allah's hands) are at the core of our school communities.