Peaceful Hearts

In the remembrance of Allah to hearts find rest.
10 weeks to finding your inner Salam!

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A special invitation to my sister in Islam,


Have you ever felt ...


 ... like no matter what you do, it always feels like there is never enough time for everything, that your life seems to be about chasing everyone else's agendas and not your own. 

That the stresses just keep piling on and you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.


And that as a result you end up being impatient and losing it to the ones you love and then really regret it afterwards?


I have found that ...


... when we understand the truth of our human experience, along with an understanding of our beautiful Deen, life can be an amazing adventure, filled with clarity, confidence and inner calm. All the stresses and frustrations we have experienced in the past fall away.


In fact, we are all OK, because ...


Allah tells us He will not burden us with more than we can bear.


We have all been through so much ... so many tests ... things as difficult as being bullied, divorce, maybe different types of abuse, loss of loved ones, and so much more. We can all live a life of passion and purpose, we don't need to be held back by the traumas of the past. It is possible for everyone, even you.


Today I want to invite you to ...

... join me for the Peaceful Hearts online program where I will share with you the key to your emotional and spiritual health. 


Peaceful Hearts


Learn the secret of inner peace, resilience, effortless patiences, courage and confidence from an Islamic perspective.


“Verily, In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” (Surah Rad, 28)


In this life changing, experiential workshop you will learn how you can:


  • Feel renewed, re-energised & totally inspired to get back to work & make the most of your life

  • Feel a deep sense of inner love & connection that transforms all your relationships

  • Re-set your natural state of inner peace & confidence as you step back into being your best, highest self

  • Permanently let go of any insecurity, self-doubt and fear that may have been holding you back until now

  • Feel a surge of spiritual energy that impacts every aspect of your day (and keeps getting stronger over time)

  • Be much more present more of the time, so you feel in the zone with your family & friends and super-productive and unstoppable at work

  • Be in touch with you inner-most intuition and feel Allah's guidance through every moment of every day.

  • Maryline David, Ireland

    "It was the best investment I made in myself last year. Not only did it strengthen my relationship to Allah, it also helped me increase in self-confidence. I feel deeply transformed, and have grown in Tawakkul (putting trust in Allah), authenticity and self-awareness. I’m so grateful I was able to take part of this as it has helped me going through the storms of life much more peacefully." 

  • Rayesa Gheewala, High Performance Coach, USA

    "It has transformed my life with profound shifts in my thinking. I have been able to be so present, calm and connected to Allah that it feels it’s just Him and me. So I can conquer any challenge that comes my way. I feel His guidance in every step I take with full confidence. That means not having the fears I did before of people and circumstances and that there are no limits except the ones I put on myself."

  • Sajida Sacranie, Peaceful Parenting Leader, Ireland

    "The worst enemy you could ever have in life is yourself. I found it hard to love myself and blamed everyone around me for everything that was wrong in my life. I learnt and began to understand [that] feelings come from thought in the moment. I realised how much power I had within myself. This new understanding has given me a new lens to see my life with. I am in a place of peace – from darkness into light – in tune with the reality of how things really are as I continue to learn and understand deeper and see life with more clarity. You can really be peaceful inside out." 

I am ready for a Peaceful Heart ...

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  Saba Hyder Quraishi 

 Wholehearted Muslimah Coach


Saba’s mission is to make an impact in the Muslim Ummah by empowering women and children to build themselves as leaders of their lives and communities through learning about and connecting with their Innate well-being (Fitrah), that Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala has blessed each one of us with. She focuses on the root cause and unpacks it to allow the Innate mental well-being to shine through, bi-ithnillah.

A teacher by profession and a Certified Coach and Mentor of the Back to the Fitrah Academy, she runs a coaching practice called ‘Transforming Legacies’ in Urdu and English. She lives her life wholeheartedly by the principles of excellence, compassion and confidence. Her practice is strongly informed by the Quran and Ahadith. In addition to multiple certifications, her personal and professional experience makes her approach and perspective unique to what she has to offer in the context of emotional and spiritual resilience.

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