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Back To The Fitrah Core Programs

Peaceful Parenting

Providing parents with the valuable understanding of their own emotional wellbeing as well as how they can support their children to reach their full potential




A unique program that strips you down to your innate emotional and spiritual resilience so you can embrace a life in a state of Tawakul, inner peace, clarity, confidence and calm



Teaching our youth to recognise and trust Allah's guidance & understand their emotions & relationships with others and themselves

Full School Approach

Curriculum for teachers, students and parents to build an emotionally and spiritually resilient school



About Kathryn Jones


Kathryn’s mission is to make a difference in the Muslim world by empowering Muslim adults and children to realise their potential through learning about the innate resilience and mental health that all human beings possess. She goes to the source of the misunderstandings that prevent people from recognising their in-built well-being (their Fitrah).


She is the founder of the Back To The Fitrah Academy, dedicated to the development of certified facilitators and mentors of the Back To The Fitrah suite of programs across the globe. Kathryn’s combination of formal and informal education along with personal and professional experience have given her a unique perspective and approach to the topic of emotional & spiritual resilience.

The past is a ghost that cannot be held in the palm of your hand.


The future cannot be grasped, no matter how desirable or enticing it may appear.


Nor can the present be held, no matter how beautiful or exciting.


Begin the process of nourishing the soul by living in the now.


This in turn frees the mind to see with clarity things as they are, not through distorted memories and apprehensions."

Sydney Banks, The Missing Link